Top-notch Professional Services

We give all our best to every of our clients no matter the circumstances.

Packages packing

Our team of professional handlers carefully and neatly package and place the goods into a CTU (Cargo Transport Unit)

Products purchase &/ pick up

We go all the way for our clients by helping to purchase the needed product/Goods in Canada, while ensuring quality before shipping to the client’s destination.

Loading and Offloading of cargo

No quantity of cargo is too much for us to load or offload. We handle all items with utmost care regarless of the weight or quantity.

Protection and careful handling of fragile items

No matter how fragile an item or cargo is, we ensure the best of care is put in to ensure that such gets to its destination unscarred.

Logistics expertise guidance

We also advise individuals and corporates on how best to plan their logistics for better efficiency and to prevent damages.

Warehousing and Domestic Deliveries

We provide storage solutions via our state-of-the-art warehouses and warehousing partners all across our various business locations.

Import/Export Services

We provide general import and export services including clearing and forwarding.

Our Verticals

Sea Freight

We move shipments across geographical divide in timely manner using a network of Shippers across the world. Whether LCL or FCL, we have built the right relationships which ensures and effected and fast delivery.

Air Freight

Time-critical cargo is moved with incredible speed using our Air freight mode across geographical divides. We have built the right relationships which ensures and effected and fast delivery via Air freights.

Land Transport

A combination of heavy-duty trucks, Buses, cars and motorbikes, we ensure that Cargos get to the last-mile or moved from your location to our offices for onward forwarding. We have a fleet of sound vehicles with highly trained drivers.

Presence across the globe.