World-class Cargo & Logistics services.


To provide holistic cargo logistics services.

Our mission is to provide complete cargo logistics services to our existing & prospective clients. The kind that is excellent, easy and non-existent in the Canadian Cargo market to individuals, corporate organizations and/or interested government offices.



Afriway is a Multinational Cargo Logistics Company.

Afri-way Cargo Logistics Inc is domicile in Canada and has her branch in Lagos, Nigeria. The company was birthed to provide logistics solution services in a rather coordinated and carefully organized platform with a view to ensure fast, safe and secured delivery both to the residence of Canada as well as Nigerian exporters.

We also plan on a global expansion; the aim with which we shall gradually enter the market, flood it with excellent and easy cargo logistics solutions that are nonexistent in Canada and viably competitive with the world’s market; a relative cost, delivery that is secured and quality services.

Without injustice, we are established to serve Individuals and corporate organizations with service plans that cater for all parties in the cargo logistics transaction chain.

Experience an efficient way to move your goods around the world.

We guarantee a pocket-friendly rates on all our services to any destination in the world.

Our Vision

Our vision is to break into the Canadian freight forwarding market and quickly become a household name in Canadian market as well as entering the sea shipping sector, then extend beyond Canadian freight forwarding market to the USA and the world at large through our swift, communicative and highly responsive team.

Presence across the globe.