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We have answered some of the questions that customers ask us very often. You can go through them to see if your question has been answered.

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1. What country does your company cargo from?

Afri-way Cargo Logistics Inc focuses on import and export of both personal and corporate goods to and fro Canada. We realized people are being starved of organized logistics activities and cargo solutions in Canada, and this birthed our company given delivering you a fast, safe, and secure delivery at a low cost.

2. How much do you charge per kg?

You can be sure every penny spent on your cargo through us is penny-wise, as we do not just pronounce or promise secure delivery, we back it up with actions to achieving singular charge only rather than double quoting cost. For detailed costing, please call/chat: 0806 560 6951, email: info@afriwaycargo.com.

3. What is the duration of packages arrival or availability?

We can only give an approximate delivery date. Numbers of factors may affect delivery and as such we cannot guarantee the exact date for delivery. Factors like: customs procedures, weather conditions, airline schedule and transit etc, may cause us a few extra days to make the packages available to you.

4. Do you deliver goods to home or office?

We take the fact that production is not completed until goods get to the final consumers seriously, for this, delivering your items to you is a pleasure we would always love to have. Simple steps here are (i) to see what volume is your packages to know which vehicle can convey it, (ii) get you address, and do the costing (fair fare for that matter). Options of delivery payment are: (a) COD cash on delivery (b) PPBD part payment before delivery (c) FPBD full payment before delivery. Deliveries can also be charged from the origin of the packages where costing would be included in your packages manifest, either export or import.

5. Should I insure my packages?

From picking up your packages in-store where they were purchased to closing the waybill with airline, landing the packages at the port of destination, we are always extremely careful of the handling so you can worry less because you have good hands around your items.

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